We manufacture Geo –Textiles which are used for civil engineering purposes like separation, filtration, drainage, consolidation and reinforcement. They are of two kinds:

Woven Fabrics

These are densely woven fabrics having definite pores of filtration, arresting movement of soil particles and allowing liquid to pass as well as having sufficient
strength to avoid inter mixing of different building materials and the soil.
Width: 76 to 122cms
Weight: 300 to 760 gms

Non Woven Fabrics

These are thick non woven fabrics which are effective and economic for the construction of trenches and interceptor drains for roads, when drainage of water is a problem as well as to replace conventional filter material.
Width: 150 cms
Weight: 1000gms


1.Biodegradable,eco-friendly and environment friendly unlike the synthetic variety.
2. Biodegradability enhances soil retentivity and permeability.
3.Cost effective as compared to the synthetic type. (almost half the cost)
4.Can easily be transported and laid at the site.
5.Can be customized as per the buyers requirements.


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